Beehive Bedlam

Popular interactive TV title Beehive Bedlam, owned by Sky Games, is set to be released for iOS and Android. Fans will now be able to play Beehive Bedlam on the go, with Sky Games teaming up with Waterfront Entertainment, a UK based indie studio. Beehive Bedlam will be the first title owned by Sky Games to launch in this space.

Fans of the classic interactive TV version will be familiar with the game, with Waterfront working closely with Sky Games to retain the simplicity and many original elements that made it the title loved by so many, while ensuring the brand new release would appeal to new players that have never played Beehive.

The game, which will be free to download, will include over 100 levels in addition to a stack of new features. The game itself involves the player teaming up with Buzz to help out Beekeeper Ben who is struggling to stay in business and is in danger of being shut down by his landlord. Players must fire and match three or more flowers of the same colour in the honeycomb to clear the level and earn honey in the process.

Beehive Bedlam is much more than just a conversion from TV to mobile, with a number of great new features to give players plenty of challenges and reasons to play regularly. With 10 themed islands to unlock by collecting increasing amounts of honey, achievements awarded for completing challenges and Queen Bee’s Shop to buy a selection of upgrades, powerups including laser guides, honey bombs and contraptions to assist your honey collecting. Custom outfits for Buzz, also give players the chance to customise their experience. Throw in global and friend leaderboards and the chance to see how well your friends are doing and you have hours and hours of Beehive fun. For players that want an extra challenge, there are VIP Passes available to purchase for additional level sets and stories, which will be added to over time.

Waterfront has been working with Sky Games on interactive TV for a number of years, developing titles including Jumble Fever and Word Crunch, plus more recently Beehive Bedlam 2. Waterfront’s CEO, Stephen Swan, says “We are incredibly proud of the work that we have done in developing this game for mobile platforms and we hope to build on the existing Beehive Bedlam fan base as it moves across to this new platform.”

Sky Games Development Manager, Rob Darvill, added “Beehive Bedlam is such a great fit for the mobile platform and I’m sure players will love having the game available to play on the go. The game looks great and we hope with its’ highly addictive nature, can continue the success it’s had on TV and online”.

With the title due to launch on iOS first, owners of Android devices won’t have to wait long with development already underway. To ensure that existing fans are aware of the new app, Sky Games will be running a social media campaign using Facebook and Twitter. Fans can also join the Beehive Bedlam Facebook fan page at to be the first to get the latest game announcements and official release date.


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